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DOC Medical Centre is a specialist healthcare facility that is well-equipped to handle health challenges related to Orthopedic, Rheumatology, Neurology, Neurophysiology, Physiotherapy, Chiropractic, and Dentistry. Our facility is privileged to have the service of highly experienced doctors, dedicated nurses, expert technologists, and other staff that work together to take care of our patients. Our facility is also equipped with leading-edge equipment for the diagnosis and treatment of various ailments. As healthcare professionals, we put our patients first; our goal is to provide effective treatment for health conditions, safeguard our patients’ wellbeing, helping them live healthy and fulfilled life.

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Several conditions such as accidents lead to traumatic disorders of the bone, joints, nerves and ligaments. Some disease conditions can also cause critical parts of the skeletal system to degenerate. DOC Medical Centre Orthopedic clinic is well equipped with experienced doctors and diagnostic equipment to enhance the diagnosis, treatment and quick recovery of orthopaedic patients.

We understand that accurate diagnosis is essential for the proper treatment of orthopaedic conditions. That is why we took the time to equip our laboratory with leading-edge diagnostic and imaging technologies such as MRI scan and Digital X-Ray, among many others. Our enviable capacity to carry out tests and diagnostic imaging expedites our orthopaedic patients' treatment and quick recovery.

Experienced Team
Our team of doctors and surgeons has over four decades of combined experience working in leading clinics in Europe and the United Kingdom.

They are well-acquainted with the latest therapeutic procedures and use of leading-edge equipment for treating various orthopedic conditions.

Our greatest joy comes when we see orthopedic patients who came into our clinic on stretchers regained their limbs' use and walk away happily.

Multiple Treatments and Regenerative Techniques
Our Orthopedic Doctors use a range of non-surgical treatments including pain medication, a period of rest, a course of physiotherapy or chiropractor treatments or the use of special supports or braces.

Cutting-Edge use Of Regenarative Medecine Techniques
Our Orthopedic Doctors also lead in the use of the very latest regenerative medicine techniques and therapies that are used to promote the healing of injured, damaged or degenerative conditions affecting the muscles, tendons, ligaments and joints and harness the regenerative potential of the cells in the human body. Regenerative medicine enhances the body's own natural healing process and employs the use of stem cell and platelet-rich plasma (PRP) therapies.


At DOC Medical Centre, the treatment of neurological diseases is one of our specialities. These are disease conditions that affect the nervous system, which consists of the brain and spinal cord. Since such disease conditions affect the brain, critical body functions such as coordination, eyes, ears, memory is affected.

We have a highly experienced neurologist that treats and manages patients suffering from various types of neurological diseases.

Neurological Conditions

A few of the neurological conditions we treat and manage at DOC Medical Centre include

Stroke: A condition where the blood supply to the brain is blocked due to damage to the blood vessels supplying the brain. This leads to critical body functions such as movement and speech.

Seizures and Disorders: This condition is typified by loss of consciousness, coordination, and violent movements that can lead to injuries. A typical example is epilepsy.

Neurological Disorders: These conditions, such as dementia, is a progressive deterioration of the brain caused by injury or diseases. It negatively affects memory and behavioural patterns.

Neuromuscular Disorders: The spines, nerves, and muscles are affected by this type of neurological disorder. For instance, myasthenia gravis causes weak skeletal muscles.

Headaches and Migraines: These are intense, disabling headaches that are often followed by other symptoms like depression, neck stiffness, hyperactivity, depression, fatigue, among others.

Other neurological conditions include multiple sclerosis, infection of the nervous system, spinal cord disorders, inflammatory and autoimmune diseases, and many more.

DOC Medical Centre neurology clinic is well equipped with leading-edge equipment for diagnoses, treatment and management of various neurological conditions. We also have highly experienced doctors, technologists, radiologists, and radiologists that manage our patients' welfare.

All the tests required to diagnose a patient's conditions can be done in our neurological examination and imaging laboratory. This capacity to handle modern tests and advanced imaging allows us to quickly diagnose a patient's condition and administer treatment without delay. From advanced MRI scanning to ultrasound, lumbar puncture, chiropractic, and occipital nerve block, we carry out diagnosis and treatment proven to cure and manage neurological conditions effectively.


The human body is designed for movement; this freedom to move different body parts in various directions gives man massive potential to work and play. Losing or degrading this unique ability can be devastating. That is where physiotherapy sets it.

Physiotherapy is the healthcare profession that focuses on helping people maximize their physical potentials, including movement and other human functions.

Physiotherapy covers the entire scope of promoting physical movement potential and preventing, treatment rehabilitating programs for various movement-related challenges.

At DOC Medical Centre, we take a hands-on, drug-free, and open-minded approach to treating diseases and injuries that undermine physical movement. Our team of highly experienced physiotherapists apply techniques such as stretching, exercises, massage, heart and heat therapy to rehabilitate, reduce pain and maximize movement potentials.

In contrast to popular opinion, physiotherapy is not restricted to rehabilitating people recovering from injury or those having movement challenges. It is helpful for anyone that intends to maximize physical potentials such as enhancing joint mobility, increase strength and coordination, improve cardio-respiratory functions, and many more.

Physiotherapy is invaluable for pain management and promoting recovery in people suffering from disabling injuries and disease conditions.

Our physiotherapists work in conjunction with other medical professionals to provide treatment for the following:

  • Heart and lung disease
  • Pre and post-surgical needs
  • Traumatic, workplace and athletic injuries
  • Arthritic joints
  • Stroke
  • Cancer
  • Nerve injury
  • Spinal cord
  • Brain injury
  • Amputations

The adult human body has 206 bones joined to one another to form the human skeletal frame. The place two bones meet in the body is called joint; they are surrounded by soft tissues and prone to injury and disease.

Joint manipulation therapy is a hands-on technique for reducing pain, releasing tension in the joints, and enhancing flexibility and free movement. The treatment calls the patient’s attention to the correct positioning and motion of the joint. This action simulates smooth joint function, and joint mobility eventually leads to improved mobility and range of motion.

Our experienced physical therapist moves the joint with small and passive motions and manipulates it to attain a natural resistant level.  This action increases the elasticity, resilience, and strength of the tissues surrounding the joint and restores joint play.

This therapy effectively manages acute and chronic pain, relaxes the muscles, reduces muscle spasms, and increases the range of motion.


Several factors such as injuries, accidents, sports, and prolonged poor posture can cause pains in the back, spines and muscles. Such pains are often followed by additional complications such as headache, locked neck, and other complications. In most cases, a diagnostic scan reveals a distortion in the bones' alignments, especially in the spine. Chiropractic is a complementary medical procedure for diagnosing and treating such anomalies through physical adjustment of the mechanical disorder.

The spine's structural derangement can affect the proper functioning of the nervous system. Therefore, the effectiveness of chiropractic treatment goes way beyond alleviating pains and restoring the structural integrity in the areas affected. Such treatments remove spinal nerve irritations and improve degraded reflexes.

At DOC Medical Centre, we provide a wide array of chiropractic treatment regimen after diagnosing your condition. Such treatment can range from a single session with our chiropractor or a treatment schedule lasting for several weeks to achieve the best results. The Chiropractic treatment is drug-free, our chiropractor provides treatment based on diagnostic scan and sometimes work with orthopedic doctors to provide precision. The procedure involves physically adjusting the bones, spine, or other affected body parts to restore natural alignments. Many patients experience instant relief after a chiropractic session. The procedure is safe, effective in relieving pains and correcting the structural functions of affected body parts.

DOC Medical Centre Chiropractic Solution

Dr Claire de Lange is the in-house Chiropractor at DOC Medical Centre. She works closely with Doctors in the Orthopedic and Neurology department to provide treatment for patient's unique health challenge.

Our Chiropractic solution provides extensive benefits for sportsmen and sportswomen for the prevention and management of sporting injuries. The treatment procedure covers the management and rehabilitation of both acute and chronic athletic injuries. At other times, athletes undergo chiropractic examination and treatment to identify potential injury risks and for performance enhancement.

When Should You Visit A Chiropractor?

People experiencing health conditions such as acute or chronic back pain, persistent or intermittent headache, neck pain, joint and muscle pain and muscle pain need to seek medical advice. The service of a chiropractor is also recommended for athletes and those whose work requires sitting for extended periods.


Oral health plays a critical role in healthy living, self-esteem, aesthetics, among others. We understand these facts at DOC Dental and have provided a dental care service suite that protects your dental health and guarantees a radiant smile that makes you proud.

These services range from preventive dentistry to cosmetic dental procedures and many more.

We have a team of highly experienced dentists with expertise in managing advanced dental procedures. From teeth whitening to fixing crooked or chipped teeth, we do it all. The dental clinic also leverages advancements in modern dentistry to provide innovative treatments for our customers. Some of these ground-breaking procedures include teeth straightening with invisible braces, natural tooth colour matching after dental procedures, and much more.

At DOC Dental, our goal is to help you get that proud smile you have always longed for.

Our experienced dentists can correct any type of problem you have with your teeth or make the required modifications to give you the dental structure you want.

Whatever may be your objectives, our dentists will provide the necessary support to help you make an informed decision.

The dental crown procedure aims to correct dental anomalies such as shape and size restoration, strengthen a tooth, or improve a smile. The crown is a solid, tooth-like structure that resembles the visible parts of a tooth. The dental crown procedure entails covering the entire visible portion of the tooth with the crown. The crown can also support fragile teeth, hold dental bridges in place, or cover dental implants/large cavities. 

Our experienced dentists match the colour of the crown with existing teeth to enhance aesthetics. They also coat and craft the crown to make it look all-natural. After the dental crown procedure, the patient can eat food and take drinks without risking damages to the brown or teeth.


Many patients lose teeth as they age. Lost teeth can actually change the way your mouth looks and functions, affecting the way you speak. Bridges are designed to maintain the shape and function of your mouth.

Bridges are used to, quite literally, bridge the gap. A dental bridge is a pontic, or false tooth. They are made from a variety of materials including porcelain, alloys or gold. They are fixed right into your jaw or under your gums and are permanent. Typically, porcelain is used to blend with your existing natural teeth.

There are several types of dental bridges in use and the kind you will require depends on your exact needs, each bridge has a particular use and requires specific conditions for use. Your Dentist will discuss your options with you after a thorough examination with x-rays and support you to make the right choice for your treatment plan.



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