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Integration, Coherence, Comprehension and Elasticity to Identity
First Integration:

Preparation to educational training program in all subjects to learn the student's skills
In another side, Apply this program between the specialist to learn the
Language, functions, independence, information skills.

Second Coherence:

Coherence between all learning levels, level by level

Third Comprehension:

Including all language, independence, information and function skills and development the speech therapy to the children of special needs.

Fourth Elasticity:

Including on the elasticity in understanding, comprehension and assimilation,
through the educational plan with the student's ability

Summary about the center.

Doha International Center for Special Needs foundation in 1February 2004 and
official opening in 4 Dec 2005 by El Shiek Thany Bin Abd Allah Al Thany which
bring the idea of this center from personal experience .
By insistence to build this small center into huge school, to become light for child
of the special needs and all divisions consist of Arabic and English.

The Foundation of the Center;

Doha International Center was build in 2004 by Dr. Hala Naem Rashed Al Said to give a chance of developing the medication and learning of special children to
teach them the language and motivational skills.
Developing the children of special needs through teaching them language and
function skills through the evaluation, diagnostic and the learning plan for every
case and presence in service for the children and their families and schools.

The Aims of the Center:

1. Availability of social, healthful learning and preparation services.
2. Availability of guidance to the family of special needs.
3. Incorporation of the children of special needs in the society.
4. Insistence to give the children a chance to learn.
5. Preparing the children of special needs to go to school.
6. Include the center an early intervention which work on to discover the disorder.
7. Doha International Center meets the need of any children of the special needs from birth until 26 years old.
The Administrators staffs and Facilitators of the center including many division which serve the children of special needs.

The Important Achievement of the Center:

The center of many of the great achievements is the most important

We take honor by visiting Her highness Moza Bine Nasser Al-Missned and subscribe to our work with the special needs, and that is indicated to her kindness and Her Highness supporting us to achieve our dream to build the school for the special needs.
Integration, Coherence, comprehension and Elasticity that is our principle to put the program in the center for all levels and the special needs.
Using Global Learning Tools.
Using the theory to learning.
Using the learning technological for the special needs.
Analysis and simplification of the method to the Arabic and English Schools
with the student ability of the learning disabilities.
Design the special needs books of the center (English-Arabic).
-Language Skills book (1) (2) (3)
-Behavior Skills book (1) (2) (3)
-Motivational Visual book (1) (2)
-Preparation book
Teaching the student in the center by integration and coherence and learning him the special method (early intervention) thru level, then preparatory class to levels , then learning disabilities –five levels) after he finish all levels, he can associate with the general school.
There are many children of special needs, in the general school and incorporation schools.
Opening English Department including Early Intervention, Autism Preparatory Class, Learning Disabilities and Behavioral Therapy and will open French Department soon.
Opening Hot line for problems and family advise for free.
Training the Specialists of Learning Disabilities, Speech and Psychology English and Arabic.
Developed the center through the training for all workers.
Developed the building by increasing the class and put observation camera for 24 hours.
Connection with the center by web sight for all families which They can watch their children in the center with their own password and sending monthly report through email for every family.
Participation of the children in Olympic day and win with five gold medal and four silver and two bronze.
New experiment in Qatar by camp for the children of special Needs.
Commencement for the children of special needs who go to the General School
Now opening school including normal and abnormal students to achieve the social coordination


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