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In 1998, International Medical Company was established on two founding principles:

• Genuinely offering consistent client service and positive experience
• Commitment to personal and professional integrity

Both principles of ours contributed to the growth of IMC and its three divisions: Sales & Marketing, Pharmacy, and Consumer.

All three divisions have grown in their own respective sectors; all earned their gracious position in Qatar’s growing and competitive market as quality conscious providers of Pharmaceutical, Par-Pharmaceutical, Pharmacy and healthcare, and consumer oriented products in the State of Qatar.

Our fast growth has taught us an important lesson on how to invest wisely in our human resources; By holding regular training, updating our colleagues with recent products’ knowledge and information, we are able to enrich the minds and also raise the communication standards of our colleagues, all of which have reflected positively on our colleagues’ dealings with customers and clients.

With our positive outlook towards the international markets, IMC started to partner with many of the world leading companies to market, to promote exclusively to Government and Private sectors.

IMC also owns and operate Qatar’s largest chain of pharmacies with an expanding base of 31 “Kulud” Pharmacies, thus providing nationwide coverage, and making sure that medical and non-medical products are available at affordable prices.

Our partners

Why are our partners attracted to IMC? The reasons are clear; they are both internal and external. Today, both public and private healthcare sectors in Qatar continue to grow at a rapid pace – certainly a reflection of broad economic development. The unprecedented growth in the country’s healthcare industry has prompted multinational pharmaceutical companies as well as other businesses to seek new opportunities in Qatar’s fast- growing economy.

With a decision to enter the Qatari market, regional and multinational national companies needed to explore strategic partnerships with local companies that are capable of responding to the new challenges posed by consumers’ rising healthcare needs.
That is the external underpinning of our corporate appeal.
On the other hand and looking inwards, it is clear that our deeply rooted knowledge of the market, our willingness to invest in material and human assets, as well as our strategic vision have all contributed to the growth of our relationship with local, regional and international companies. Today, IMC is proud of its strong alliance with 60 major firms that represent some of the world’s leading consumer brands. Coupled with the internal pursuit of excellence and the collective drive to maintain market leadership, we are committed to building, preserving and expanding our commercial linkages.

Market leadership and a consistently high level of sales performance do not come easy; they are not a given in the competitive world of healthcare. Our learning curve must continue to trend upwards. Our investment in human resources and professional talent must be relentless. And our dedication to reinforce our company support structure in terms of warehousing and logistics must be tireless.
We know that the dual investment in people and infrastructure is a compelling incentive for our partners to work with us. Just as important, it also assures our colleagues a place and a crucial role in a vigorous, formidably competitive company.
Most of our attention is focused on identifying and nurturing human talent in all of our three divisions. We know that to continue our pathway to growth, we should always be on the look-out for new and talented leaders in each IMC division. As we cultivate the breed of emerging young leaders among our colleagues, it only follows that we will attract and retain more of the world-renowned brands as well as the major players in healthcare and other industries in which we have an interest.


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