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We are a Medical equipment wholesaler and medical supplies company established Qatar, We are active in selling all types of medical equipment and medical supplies needed by hospitals and clinics for our clients locally, within the GCC and The Middle East.

Our Goals

We aim to satisfy our client's and the market demands, provide fastest possible services, participating in improving healthy lifestyle, and to become one of the most reliable medical companies in the region.

Our Products


Unitron is a Canadian Hearing Aid Manufacturers, established in 1964. Unitron delivers hearing instruments in more than 70 countries through 21 international offices and a network of distribution partners.

Advanced Bionics

Advanced Bionics is a global leader in developing advanced cochlear implant systems, and is headquartered in Switzerland, with offices worldwide.

Advanced Bionics has over 400 patents and is the recognized technology leader of cochlear implants.

Conversor Pro


Conversor Pro helps you to hear better in difficult or noisy environments such as a restaurant, meeting place or conference or lecture hall. Conversor Pro also helps you to hear better when listening to the TV. Hearing aids aren’t always at their best in busy environments with a lot of background noise. Conversor Pro helps you to focus on the speaker’s voice and reduce the effects of room acoustics and background noise. With Conversor Pro, your desired sounds are clearer and more intelligible so you can feel free to take a more active part in everyday situations. Conversor Pro can also be used with headphones or earphones. You can be up to 40 metres (120 feet) from the speaker indoors and over twice that distance outdoors. Conversor Pro is a versatile wireless FM assistive listening device that provides enhanced sound level and clarity for hard of hearing users. Consisting of a powerful handheld or free-standing microphone and a lightweight pendant receiver that is worn around the neck, Conversor Pro is easy to use. Conversor Pro can be used both to channel one particular sound source, such as a speaker, and also surrounding voices if needed-particularly useful in group scenarios. You can purchase additional receivers for friends, family or group members who are also hearing impaired and want to listen to the speaker at the same time. Receivers can be purchased individually or as part of a Conversor Pro Multipack system. AOHL L343.



is a sterile disposable device for washing nasal cavities and nasopharynx, designed for adults and children. Prevents colds and sinusitis by removing the phlegm. 


is a practical and functional device: it shrinks the columella and widens the wings of the nose, thus increasing the space in the front of each nasal cavity, reducing the resistance to the passage of inspiratory and expiratory air so as to significantly improve the nasal respiratory capacity.


Inventis is a high-tech oriented Italian company that develops and manufactures cutting-edge audiology equipment including, among the others, audiometers, middle ear analyzers and hearing aid fitting solutions. 

in 2005 The company foundation, With all intentions to become a reliable and innovative manufacturer of medical devices, Inventis is now one of the youngest and strongest manufacturing company of audiology equipment.

16 Inventis products entirely developed, engineered and manufactured in Italy.

Luxamed Diagnostic Instruments 


With creativity and many years of experience in production and distribution of diagnostic instruments our young team is developing and producing high quality devices – MADE IN GERMANY.


It is always a question of the own requirement. We have precise conceptions as our instruments have to be developed and produced.

Therefore, apart from quality, our factory located in the center of Baden-Württemberg is making high demands on the areas of reliability, economy,

environmental protection and safety standards. This is especially evident in the development and production, in which we engage our suppliers from the first moment. Only high quality materials such as high-strength, polished, corrosion- and heat-resistant stainless steel or polished anodized aluminum are used in our products. However, our most important principle is still: handmade.


Products Range: 

- Otoscopes.

- Ophthalmoscopes.

- Dermatoscopes. 

- aneroid-sphygmomanometer.

- Pen Lights .

- Laryngoscopes.

- Stethoscopes.

- Reflex Hammers.

- Examination Lamps.

- Tuning Forks.

SchureMed is a leader in manufacturing operating room equipment. Our collection of medical supplies is 

designed to enhance healthcare centers by ensuring patient and staff safety and comfort. For any medical 

facility need, find medical products including SchureMed bariatric products, surgical patient positioning 

equipment, procedure tables and more. 

SchureMed operating room equipment defines industry standards as our medical products are used in 

some of the world’s finest medical institutions. The OR equipment is the result of collaborations 

between world class surgical device engineers and various members of the medical community. 

All our medical products, including procedure tables, surgical stirrups, and stretcher pads, 

are manufacturing in our Abington Massachusetts - USA facility. 

Better your medical center’s efficiency and productivity without sacrificing patient or staff safety with 

quality SchureMed operating room equipment.



Screening Line 

Mini soundproof booths PRO25-PRO28F, the ideal products for hearing screening in audiology centers, shops or anytime a compact cabin is needed. Available in a standard dimension 1x1 mt. and also in 'Slim' version, on wheels and even more compact to pass easily through standard doors. Easy and quick to install, this booth is ready for use in only few minutes and can be easily moved thanks to its lightweight and compact structure. These cabins can also be used for occupational medicine, for temporary use in companies and schools

Diagnostic Line


Modular soundproof booths PRO30-PRO35F with a wide range of solutions and configurations, customizable for any need. With a good internal acoustics is the ideal line of products for audiometric screening and diagnostic tests, such as free field, in audiology centers. Available in several dimensions up to 12 sq.m, can be equipped with many accessories to make it even more functional. Thanks to the lightweight structure these booths are very easy and quick to install on any floor without specialized staff

Clinical Line

Modular soundproof booths PRO45S-PROMetal SW/DW with the highest performance and excellent interior acoustics, used for in-depth clinical level analysis in hospitals, universities and specialized audiology centres. Available in several dimensions starting from 1x1 mt. up to 36 sq.m, can be equipped with many accessories to make it even more functional. This line, with a wide range of available solutions: single wall or double wall, standard or bespoke sizes, is ideal for free field tests and examinations ABR / BERA using the Faraday shield (PRO45S)




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