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Mr. Yasser Ali Al Ali attended the university of Poland is a certified Technician. He established Modern Dental Lab in 1993 with his partner Motaz zaid ; He has 21 years of experience in dental work. Modern Dental Lab is considered that he has amongst 3rd (Private) Dental Lab in the state of Qatar. Modern Dental Lab is a full service dental laboratory serving dentists and laboratory outsourcing customers. Modern Dental Lab certified with QSCH (Qatar Supreme Council for Health) and equipped with some of the world's most sophisticated technology, and has participated in the development and pre-market testing of major new processes. Modern Dental Lab is committed to deliver consistent quality, while completing your case to your exact specifications!

High-Quality Materials
As a full-service lab, Modern Dental Lab provide our dentists porcelain veneers, full-cast gold crowns and life-like composites, Keating veneers are hand-layered porcelain as well as porcelain fused to metal prosthesis. Get the best in long-span bridges. Modern Dental Lab supplies thermoformed bleaching trays to temporaries, ceramics and high-noble yellow or white gold - we know dental materials and alloys. We select our adhesive systems and impression material for superior strength and long-term bonding performance.

Modern Dental Lab Technicians

Unlike other laboratories, Modern Dental Lab offer dentists personalized services nationwide. Modern Dental Lab technicians take pride as a team and coordinate job specific requirements. You and your patients have the satisfaction of knowing all restorations are made in the Qatar.Modern Dental Lab highly trained dental lab technicians fabricate to exact specifications. Other dental labs fail to achieve our high level of excellence. With our state-of-the-art equipment and team of technicians, we provide superior results. Our dedicated removable division offers dentists full and partial dentures with fixed and/or removable implant-supported restorations.

We handcraft pieces with superior precision and strive to assure our Porcelain Veneers leave our laboratory with a precise fit. Modern Dental Lab’s talented artists are devoted to satisfying the needs of our dentists. Modern Dental Lab combine art and science of the dental field in order to pursue excellence by consistently serving our clients with extreme dedication and creating high end quality aesthetic work to dentists. Our talented team in Modern Dental Lab is compelled to safeguarding end-users Well being, healthy teeth, glowing smiles, and lifelong goals.

Modern Dental Lab Services

  • Fixed and removable
  • Acrylic work
  • Veneer
  • Zircon
  • Chrome cobalt
  • E-max
  • Porcelain
  • Ortho-dontic work

New Services

Ceramill M-Center

The framework manufacturing center with extra service. If you send us your digital constructions our goal is to serve you with the perfect result - units with a perfect fit, manufactured by state of the art technology & technicians. We take great advantage that the individual character of your construction doesn't get lost. Premium service is our second big approach that we live here at AmannGirrbach - Know-how, Trainings, Online Tools & Helpdesk - everything you need besides the right product to boost your digital business.


CAD-CAM software can import any propriety standard data in the form of STL, Surface and Solid models which also make it the most flexible software to date. The user friendly interface guides you through simple steps then automatically completes the machining process. Special attention is paid to areas such as the Margin Line which are critical to the finished part performance. All Tool paths are automatically generated: the most efficient machining strategies are chosen to give optimized part finish and cutting speeds.

Unnecessary "air"

Moves are minimized between cutting operations further reducing cycle times. Although the standard templates within CAD-CAM software offer fully automatic tool path generation, strategies and cutting conditins can be fully customized


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